The Big Moves

Big Moves to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2050

The Big Moves are a framework focused on community energy and emissions--things that local governments and community members have control over. For each Big Move, every participating local government has identified actions they can take.
The transportation section addresses how we get around in our daily lives. Transportation makes up most of the carbon pollution from community members in the West Kootenay Region.
Whether it’s a tiny cabin or a sports arena, the places where people live, work, worship and play require energy. Globally, the energy used for heating, cooling, cooking, lighting and other needs accounts for about 28% of all carbon pollution. Reducing energy waste and carbon pollution from buildings saves money for building owners, makes buildings more comfortable, and reduces the risks of climate change.
Cutting down on waste can address carbon and methane pollution from organic matter as well as conserving resources by finding new purposes for old items. Vegetable trimmings and other organic matter can generate methane gas when sent to the landfill. Composting waste and capturing the landfill gas can cut pollution and provide renewable energy.
Energy Generation
Although the West Kootenays generates lots of renewable electricity from dams, a variety of other sources of renewable energy can make our region’s energy more reliable and cleaner. Local governments can pursue renewable energy projects as well as advocating to the province for policies that support private renewable energy.
Supporting Actions
In addition to the policy, infrastructure, and outreach actions, local governments can also demonstrate leadership in the way they manage assets, perform day to day activities, and interact with other governments. These actions can help shape public behaviour as well as removing obstacles to 100% renewable energy.

The full report is ready for download. So are other local government action resources.